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. >> but when pressed about the $1.3 billion in aid the u.s. gives to egypt, a white house spokesman did not indicate any change in policy. >> we're going to continue to be in conversations with our counterparts there. and over the course of time, we're going to continue to review our assistance and we're going to make a decision about that assistance based on the best interest of american national security and best interest for stability in the region. >> but as the death toll is rising, the pressure was mounting. this morning, editorial boards for both "the new york times" and washington post write it's time to cut off aid. we'll ask congressman ted deutsche about that and get the latest from egypt. let's start with kristin welker in martha's vineyard with the president. any indication what we'll hear from the president this morning? >> well, i think you will here president obama continue to condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms, sort of reiterating what secretary of state john kerry came out and said yesterday. i don't expect that he will announce a major shift in u.s.
on around the world. topping that list is syria. it appears the u.s. is moving closer to a military strike on syria. this morning, british prime minister david cameron said britain will offer a resolution at the u.n. security council condemning the chem wall weapons attack and vice president joe biden using some of the strongest language yet at an event yesterday. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. the president believes and i believe that those who use chemical weapons against defenseless men, women, and children should and must be held accountable. >> nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in turkey near the border of syria. are they talking about a military strike there? >> reporter: they certainly are and turkey would be a willing participant in this. turkey said it's willing to pay any price to see bashar al assad go. the question now is what is the role of the u.n. and the u.n. investigators? today in damascudamascus, the t from the u.n. left their hotel after a 24-hour delay. they went to the suburbs
to release a u.s. intelligence report showing syria's government responsible for the alleged chemical attack on civilians. last night, the obama national security team shared intelligence with top members of congress in a 90-minute teleconference. it was enough to convince minority leader nancy pelosi that the u.s. should strike. in a rare interview, former president bush talked about the enormity of the situation. take a listen. >> the president has to make a tough decision. putting our military into harm's way is the toughest decision a president will make. >> let's bring in daphne and jack jacobs retired army colonel and reporter m.j. lee. with the development from the uk, the no vote, how might that change the ability for the president to garner support here in the united states? >> i think, you know, it means quite a bit. i wonder why the united states couldn't have put forth the intelligence they planned to put forth today to the public before the british parliament had voted. maybe that would have made a difference. i think for the president, you know, he wants to go in, if
the u.s. conducted its sixth punishing drone strike in ten days. the yemeni government said six suspected al qaeda members were killed. 29 suspected al qaeda terrorists have been taken out by u.s. drones in the past ten days. new throats from al qaeda forced the evacuation of the u.s. embassy in yemen. among those outposts shut down through at least saturday by terror concerns. i wagood morning. >> good morning. >> the president says al qaeda has been hammered. he said they are on their way to defeat. from a messaging standpoint, how tricky is it to send that reassuring message at the same time you are evacuating americans? >> i think they are te directly linked. there is clear intelligence that the administration has received that these embassies are being targeted overseas. there is a clear oh effort by the administration to use the drone strikes against what they see as a clear threat to the country. this is the secret war being waged by the obama administration. i think we are seeing that in bits and pieces like h this news from yemen just yesterday. >> from a white house st
government used chemical weapons and now it appears the white house is considering military options. among them cruise missiles shot from navy destroyers and submarines in the mediterranean. >> we cannot sit here. we have to move and move quickly. >> this has to be an international operation. it can't be unilateral american approach. >> to think we can change things immediately because we are america, that's not necessarily the case. these are internal struggles and the party insiders in the country are going to have to sort it out amongst themselves. >> i hope the president, as soon as we get back to washington, will ask for authorization from congress to do something at a very surgical and proportional way. something that gets their attention and causes them to understand that we are not going to put up with this kind of activity. >> ayman moi yelledin is covering this from cairo. what is the reaction there in cairo? >> reporter: certainly a lot of arab diplomats are expecting some type of international response what they have described as a chem wall weapons attack. there is no h
that these girls -- [ inaudible ]. >> well, he didn't mention the 99 feet of chains police found in that house used to keep the women from escaping or the portable toilets he made them use that he rarely goed or how he made them wear a helmet when he raped them and forced them to play russian roulette. i want to bring a psychologist and lori burns works with troubled teams and advocate for missing children. when we saw aerial castro, i thought he was learing at michelle knight when she walked in. he is going off on this rant when she is in the room. you are one of few people in a situation like this. you were in court when your daughter's killer was being sentenced and he started to say horrible things. it looked like you were going to go after him. did that all come back yesterday? >> absolutely. it dragged me back to the moment 17 years ago when i did sit in a courtroom and listen to another pervert try to prove and justify the heinous crimes he committed against an innocent victim. indeed, i did get up and make a move for him because i thought he was trying to basically ruin my family and, at th
strikes against syria could be launched as early as thursday. that is according to senior u.s. officials. defense secretary chuck hagel telling the bbc the u.s. military is ready should the president give the order. >> suffice it to say the options are there. the united states department of defense is ready to carry out those options if that would occur, that would occur also in coordination with our international partners. >> then on the ground, the u.n. team investigating the use of chemical weapons is having trouble. monday, they were shot out before getting a chance to talk to victims and tour the scene. today, their visit to another site has been delayed. regardless, there is little doubt chemical weapons were used there and that the united states will do something soon. secretary of state john kerry speaking passionately about the attack. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any moral. let me be clear. the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obje ab scenity. i can't get the picture out
break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable. >> speaker john boehner sending a letter to the president, including 14 different questions about what the united states is trying to accomplish. pointedly asking in that her, quote -- what result is the administration seeking from its response? congressman mike rogers, head of the house intelligence committee, also sending a her to the president, now 116 congress members, 98 republicans and 18 democrats have signed a her to the president. what they want for them to, quote, consult and receive authorization from congress before ordering the use of u.s. military force in syria, end quote. i want to bring in "the washington post's" karen tumelty. they haven't been consulted or because they don't want to get involved? which is it? terms of why we're seeing the pushback? >> i think that right now everybody is confused, because it really doesn't look like there's any good option at this moment, but the fact is this tussle goes at least as far back as the early 1970s when the c
engel in the middle of it all earlier this morning. >> reporter: clearly using live ammunition and firing into the side streets p.m. front line positions between protesters and security forces all over cairo and this one looks like it is about to get very ugly. >> also this morning, a u.p.s. car owe plane in a fiery crash in birmingham, alabama. the pilot and co-pilot is dead. the ntsb is investigating what happened. >>> kickoff to the rnc summer meeting, what is the strategy moving forward for republicans? we will talk to the rnc's communication director coming up opinion. >>> but we begin with the violence in cairo. amman is joining us live. you and others have been urging the government. obviously, they decided not to wait any longer. >> reporter: that's correct, chris. in fact, can you probably see this road behind me. this is one of cairo's major highways here. in fact, it's supposed to be busy this time of day as people go home from work. you can see behind me it's rather empty because a few minutes ago, a state of emergency was declared across the country according to eg
-by-side. you watching this for us. let me ask you about a major change coming from the obama administration on the way that drug offenders will be prosecuted. three hours attorney general eric holder announcing a brand-new justice department policy essentially a by -by-pasd shows the way drug charges are written up resulting in reduced sentences. the judge is said to ease overcrowding at federal prisons and save money and treat low level offenders more fairly according to what we are hearing right now. what are you seeing and what does this mean? >> i think what the attorney general is saying that will be the result of this change. but he says that the reason for it, i guess partly a recognition of those factors but he is always saying mandatory minimums were unfair and require a certain number of years no matter what a person's role in a drug crime may have been. if they are not connected to a gang or a drug cartel or organized crime, they should not face the same sentence that more serious offenders do. it's part of an overall effort to refocus the federal government's efforts in crime an
doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. >>> what is going on with san diego's mayor? this morning attorneys could start another round of dlickets. 16 women have come forward to accuse filner of sexual harassment. he doesn't show up yesterday after a week of personal leave and two weeks in therapy. protesters stepped to the city hall and many taking to the microphone to defend him vigorously. >> i will say today we will stand behind him. he asked him not to resign. >> what we have is a lynch mob that has said just the opposite. they have said you are guilty and now you need to provide proof that you are innocent. >> he has a vision for the city which no previous mayor has ever had. >> the recall effort to oust filner from office has thousands of volunteers. top democrats from across california have called for him to resign. >> bottom line is we have a mayor in hiding. we are here because we have to get a real mayor. >> it's best for our city if bob fill ner were to move on and we could bring in someone
in u.s. history. he was convicted of espionage and a military judge will read that verdict in moments. eric snow den remains in russia where he is granted asylum for years. months after those usa documents leaked the awesome is not sure what snowden has that we haven't seen. msnbc has learned from two separate sources that the nsa can't determine the full extent what he took. a new report out in "wall street journal" that points to new details about the nsa surveillance reach. the report says the nsa can monitor 75% of all u.s. internet traffic. much more than had been publicly disclosed. i want to bring in alex burns and lauren fox. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, alex, is this like a spigot? things keep dripping out over time? i mean, does it mean these stores get less attention and less gets done because people sort of feel like it's the sky is falling? or is there some movement building around this when it comes to more transparency? >> chris, i think we are going to see, going into certainly 2014 and then as you see politicians, i think you'll see a intensifying discussion
of restrictions used and signed into law in north carolina doesn't really address a voter fraud which in some ways snolt a problem in north carolina but the idea you're shutting down voting on a sunday and the item you're eliminate 16 and 17-year-olds the ability to register early, it seems to be capturing a wide swath of folks in north carolina can you see folks really looking at these and thinking that it might be overreach from conservatives. >> i want to play another clip if i can from hillary clinton last night. >> there are many problems in life that we can't fix, at least not quickly, but preserving fairness and equality in our voting system is one we can and we should. >> what do you make of the fact, lynn, obviously, she went before the american bar association and this is obviously a legal question but there are lao different things she could have chosen to talk about. do you read anything to the fact it was voting rights? >> absolutely. we could do an analysis here but, in short, chris, it's very much a democratic issue, not a republican issue. but you could package it in a way, as she
dramatic what they are experiencing that it's very hard for me not to see that this is not taking us into conditions that could lead to a very deep civil war that is driven by a lot of sectarian tensions. we have seen a lot of muslim brotherhood attacks on churches as well and the muslim brotherhood itself is divided between those that continue to want to stage massive peaceful protesters and others are simply so angry that they want to organize their own military and somewhat violent response to what is going on and really take the military on much more directly. we are going to have a lot of conflict. to me it looks like a civil war but we will debate that like the word coup around the white house. >> the white house in the meantime, is watching this carefully obviously. chuck hagel, we are told, call the general 15 times since this all started. karen, they just don't seem to be listening, though, obviously. none of them warnings from the united states have held any weight. does holding out this aid give leverage? is that something that is a nonstarter for this white house? we are
said, you know, going out and using one of his strongest tools, which is taking the argument directly to americans. you know, he's trying to frame the debate on his own terms ahead of the fall where we're going to seal budget issues, immigration issues. i doubt the gun issue's going to come back despite what happened in georgia. but there's a lot of big legacy issues that he wants to get done. you know, is he a lame duck? look, the president always has a measure of power and a significant measure of power. and he has the bully pulpit and will continue to have that. i do think all of this talk about hillary clinton running for president and biden, you know, possibly running for president. both of them possibly running for president, nobody's made any decisions. but all this talk about '16 does threaten the president in terms of whether he is a lame duck status. i think the fall is going to be pivotal for him to show strength. and i think you're starting to see him try to do that right now. >> let me bring in senator richard blumenthal. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> i know yo
because of the increased threat from al qaeda but we do know this morning u.s. air force transport planes are headed back to the united states carrying nonextension prime minister. we know a suspected u.s. drone strike killed four al qaeda in yemen today but not clear if that has any connection what is going on now. this morning we are learning where the terror threat came from. the intercepted chatter that close 19 u.s. embassies and consulates. they talked about timing of a significant attack to coincide with a muslim holiday. aquap has been the source of at least three plots in 2009. the underwear bomber and in 2010 a cargo bomb plot and 2009 a failed attempt to kill a rising saudi leader. >> al qaeda cannot carry out an attack of the magnitude in 9/11 i don't think but it's hard to find out where the attack is coming out and who is carrying it out. >> i want to bring in terrorism annual analyst evan coleman and general barry mccaffrey. we don't know about any new threat yet. i want to start, if we can, in yemen with this conversation, evan, between the number one essentially and the n
of the u.s. embassy in pakistan. different than the threat that already shut down other diplomatic posts in 19 places. expect terror and foreign policy to be hot topics this afternoon as president obama holds his first news conference in more than three months. besides the consulate shut down, the state department is warning americans against nonessential travel to pakistan all as the u.s. steps up its terror drone strikes in yemen. al qaeda terrorists were killed in three drone strikes yesterday. less than two weeks 34 members of al qaeda have been taken out by drones. we should hear more before bthat from the president this afternoon as well. a chance for him to answer critics like former secretary of state condy rice. >> when you say al qaeda is on the run, al qaeda is -- they are not. al qaeda has morphed into something different. we have to have the staying power both psychologically and in actuality to continue to be vigilant so that we don't experience another major attack. >> for more on what is facing the president when he meets the president today let's bring in susan page and
the complicated and pressing and politically fraught question should the u.s. cut off aid to egypt. already the state department is taking the first steps to delay economic aid to egypt. "the new york times" reports the administration is also considering delaying the delivery of a apache helicopters and repair kits for tanks and officials decided not to dlever f-16 fighter jets and cancel joint military exercises but the central debate is over the question of the 585 million dollars in military aid still scheduled to go to egypt this year. does the u.s. use that as leverage? a growing chorus of lawmakers is arguing it's time to pull the plug on aid to egypt. >> when we threaten something, as we did that we would cut off aid, the administration did and then not do it, then you lose your credibility and your influence. >> we are going to have to suspend our aid. >> i do not see how we can continue aid. >> i do believe we have to change our aid. >> i think the actions of the last week, no doubt cause us to suspend eight. >> it's counterproductive and shows nothing but american weakness to cont
enforcement community, the community wants to understand. how did he get away with it for so long. all of us have our hearts open to these victims and are fascinated to know how did they cope, how did they survive? what got them through this? there are very important things we're going to learn today. >> what do we know about -- and there's some indication that one of the three women has talked about or given an indication she may be willing to speak, the others may have surrogates who want to make a statement to them. beyond that who can testify at a hearing like this? >> usually the victims, the families of the victims, other people who may have been affected. but additionally we see that law enforcement can testify. perhaps medical professionals can testify. and also, chris, it's important that the viewers understand there's a notice requirement. so before this sentencing day each party gives the other notice of who may or may not testify. >> so no surprises. >> no surprises maybe for us but not for who is in court. >> this is as we said potentially going to go on for hours and maybe even
between secretary of state john kerry and chuck hagel with their russian counterparts. how far can the u.s. go, i guess, given, for example, that the white house will still need some level of russian cooperation on syria ousting president assad? is this a moderate response? >> it is a totally moderate response and what you can see in that statement is that edward snowden was an afterthought when he in fact, drove the response. the president had to do something. he was backed into a corner. they gave refuge to someone who we consider a spy. so they had to take action, but make no mistake. business is going to go on. discussions are going to happen and counterparts are going to talk. but, right now, they have a very high profile situation that they are trying to contain and not have dominate the news any more, which is edward snowden. >> i want to bring in senator jeff merkley, a democrat from oregon. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me get your reaction to the president's decision. do you agree with it and did it go far enough? >> i think it's an appropriate symbolic gesture and expres
east have proliferated and it's extraordinary important for us to understand why that threat is diffused for that very reason. >> let's talk about one of those cells. we keep hearing about al qaeda in the arab peninsula. they have an incredibly skilled bombmaker. what else can you tell us about them and how they might be involved? >> it's unclear at this point. there were tli drone strikes in yemen five days last week and a lot of activity going on there. they tried to carry out the 2009 bombing of an airliner flying in detroit that was an underwear bomb. there is increasing sophisticating from that in yemen. problems in yemen troops have been sort of not fighting. they have been rebelling against the government. i think yemen is a real challenge for the obama administration. they have tried to use drone strikes there. they have tried training and it has not worked well. i think they might need to reassess what they are doing in yemen. >> ambassador, it's not just interviewee closings but a worldwide travel lert for americans. i was surprised when i saw a poll is warning nati
. you know, they have decided that or at least a number of republicans have decided that using, shutting down the government is an effective tool, it fires up their base, it seems as a sign of principle, rather than madness. they are going to keep doing it and we will probably come up with some compromise at the last minute that spares us all, but it is pretty wild. >> the president does say he has been talking to republicans privately and privately a lot of them agree with him that a shutdown isn't an option. >> and, by the way, sometimes they say to me privately i agree with you. but i'm worried about a primary from, you know, somebody in the tea party back in my district, or i'm worried about what rush limbaugh going to say about me on the radio. i can't force these folks to do what is right for the american people. >> i guess the question is, jackie, are enough of them worried enough about, say, a primary challenge from the tea party, that this could be a real problem? >> i think as a member-by-member question, but there is also a new polling that came out this week from david winsto
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)